The Gothamist describes a generation of “New Victorians” who are bringing long-lost habits of diligence, fidelity, and propriety to bear on their youths.  I wonder if they are also rediscovering Victorian sexual repression and colonialism.

Regardless, I think this is fantastic news.  I’ve long predicted that America is on a bring of a neo-Victorian cultural revolution.  We share many attitudes and circumstances with the twilight of the British Empire, from our political overextension to our fixation on technology.

The fiction that imagines this revisitation most vividly is Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age, wherein it is accompanied by other, stranger futurisms; but the genre of steampunk has already gained traction in our imaginations, and this aesthetic is sure to penetrate further into our collective psyche before the trend recedes.

Wunderkammer (curiosity cabinets) also seem to be enjoying a resurgence.  In Japan, where gothic lolitas have long been reinterpreting Victorian fashion, you can even find anatomical toys reminiscent of early medical models!