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A Sense of Place

I found this vitriolic rant by James Howard Kunstler about American urban planning, the automobile slum, and pathological environments extraordinarily captivating. I strongly encourage you to watch the entire thing – it’s 20 minutes long, and gripping – but if you’re short on time, here are some choice excerpts that really don’t do justice to the man’s intense and […]

Small Game: The House (draft)

This is a prototype for a role-playing game in which the players explore one another’s memories. It was conceived and created in a single afternoon, and has not yet been playtested. It’s inspired by the novel House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski, by the novel Passage by Connie Willis, by my hypertext fiction work The Museum and by my understanding of […]

Programming lolcats

For those unfamiliar with the curious Internet phenomenon of lolcats, I encourage you to read Anil Dash’s deliciously sardonic introduction to the concept. Now that you’ve got the basics down, brace yourself and prepare to meet the dorkiest techno-cultural fusion this side of cosplay. That’s right: lolcats can has programming language! Greg Costik gives a quick rundown here, but […]

Shaping the Future

A fascinating glimpse over on Charlie’s Diary of how new technologies will change the lives of our descendants more profoundly than advances like the Internet changed ours. Choice excerpts, with pithy commentary, follow. You know something? Keeping track of those quaint old laws about personal privacy is going to be really important. Because in countries with no explicit right […]

GM Types

Those who have run or played role-playing games (RPGs) may enjoy this summary of the Laws of Good Game Mastering booklet.  It describes seven GM behaviors – The World Builder, The Duelist, The Plotmeister, The Master of Ceremonies, The Actor, The Director, and The Provider – and draws distinctions between them based on objective, behavior, and interactions […]