Table Of Contents

If this is your first foray into The Shadow City, it is suggested that you select a Character whose story to examine. The web will unfold from there.


The Folklorist
The Graduate Student
The Horror Enthusiast
The Photographer
The Police Officer

The Morning Paper

Day Two
Day Three
Day Four
Day Five
Day Six

The Shadow City
(Story Within A Story)

Entire Text


Photograph Of Carrie Tower


The Lovecraft Walking Tour

"The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward"
"The Doom That Came To Sarnath"
"The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath"
"The Haunter Of The Dark"
"The Shunned House"
"The Unnameable"


Alumnae Hall
Andrews Stone Circle
Annmary Brown Memorial
Carrie Tower
King House
List Room 00A (Telephone Room)
Lovecraft Memorial
Lovecraft Memorial Encounter
Marcus Aurelius
Office Of Psychological Services
Pembroke Seal
Pembroke Seal Poem
Phillip Dexter's House
Rochambeau Garden
Rock Carrel B3
Samuel B Mumford House
SciLi Carrel 13-20
Soldier's Arch
St. Stephen's Church
University Hall
Woods-Gerry House

Scenes Of The Crime

Annmary Brown Memorial
Office Of Psychological Services
Prospect And College