The Sextan

You knock twice, then scratch your fingers along the door panels before knocking a final time. The man who emerges you have met before, the only survivor of an exorcism gone terribly wrong. A great evil had taken up residence in a forgotten subbasement of the church. The Sextan had led a team of priests down there to banish the shadowy fiend.

He has no tongue. The left side of his face sags, the flesh unresponsive, the muscles unmoving. In his right hand he holds a flashlight, which he keeps shining even in daylight. Right now he hands you the beam-sender and makes a curious gesture with the thumb and fingers of that right hand. He nods for you to repeat it. After several tries you succeed. Pulling from his right coat-pocket a second flashlight, he switches it on, makes the sign of the cross before you, and returns into the church.