Marcus Aurelius

The Sentry

As you near Marcus Aurelius, his majestic trot, straight-backed victory march, begins to appear more like a joust, a weapon-leveled charge at the foe. You think that he and his charger are vibrating in the tree-cast shadows, vague light-shiftings of clouds that characterize Old Providence. The two are oscillating between static states, moving with muscle-bound tension, unable to extend or contract and merely building up kinetic energy in place. A plane of light and shadow mix to clearly outline Aurelius's sword, jabbing forth, lengthening across the field from his hand. His eyes focus upon some distant point, perhaps the Soldier's Arch, perhaps the rooftops of the Medical Research Lab, the Sciences Library, or the Center for Information Technology. He is not happy. Suddenly the raised front hoof of the metallic horse stamps down with a clang, a shadow moves atop the distant library, and Aurelius's sword cuts the air, a light-strike cleaving a flash across the green.

Sentry's Privacy

"April 30. For whoever finds this note: Congratulations! But that's not enough ... You have to try this! My girlfriend and I came out here last night at 2 am and were sitting on the bench behind Sayles, getting cozy and chatting. We started making out and got a little gutsy, so we came up here and had sex under the horse statue. It was AWESOME! I mean, it felt completely safe and secure -- like being home in bed -- even though we KNEW that some cop walking by or anybody else would be sure to know. It was like... I mean, the statue sheltered us and made us feel invisible and undisturbable. Wait, that's not a word, never mind. Oh yeah! And it must have been the whole HORSE influence, but my girlfriend was twice as horny and I felt bigger than usual. She screamed "Mount me!" just like that! And nobody heard. Go for it, bro!"

You find a hastily scrawled note taped to the statue. It looks to be torn from a spiral planner perhaps, still with frayed edge, bad handwriting, and the exuberant sloppiness of someone very, very happy.