Officer's Notes
Prospect And College
9:42 AM, Wednesday May 8, 2002

Three primary witnesses. Difficulty describing the suspect. Tall androgynous male or female, between ages 17 and 80, dark skin, black hair, brown eyes.

Witness One (victim), Bill Walker, age 34. Severe lacerations about the face, what appear to be chemical burns scattered over entire front of body. Reports temporary amnesia, weakness; seems dazed, shock is possible.

Witness Two (bystander), Meghan Corinna Fareil, age 19. Reports an acrid smell, difficult to place, and a wave of dizziness or weariness -- biological or chemical agent? Analysis pending. Describes sense of overpowering malice and fear.

Witness Three (bystander), Jeremy Thorne, age 47. Describes vertigo, fear of heights; claims something fell from above during the attack. Accomplice? Does not recognize Witness One.

Full medical report pending. Assigned to case; must investigate chemical agents, look for other witnesses. Further questioning pending good physical and mental health of witnesses.