Highlights From The Morning Paper

Day Six


Maxwell Jaranti, age 56. A dean at Brown University charged with the oversight and maintenance of the library system, his decades of service will be fondly remembered. Under him the repositories of learning grew and prospered, and most notably he oversaw the electronic cataloguing initiative. He was praised for his extensive donations to text and film preservation agencies. Funeral to be held on May 18th.

BDH Article: The Gardens Of Rochambeau
By Thomas Greenberg

The stately Rochambeau House is most widely known as the home of Brown's French Department, but it also houses one of the loveliest gardens on campus. The decorative stone statuettes and lush ground cover create a truly verdant experience -- one could almost believe that one was in France! Great, spreading trees provide unparalleled shade, and the leafy embankments and wrought-iron fences make it seem like a kind of Wonderland. Be sure to pay a visit to Rochambeau House today and take a look!

Location: Rochambeau Garden.

Article: CIS Help Desk End of the Year Info

Students, please be advised that as finals approach, more and more people will be using the public clusters. This not only makes it more important than ever to save your files and data as often as possible, but please keep in mind also that you are responsible for whatever happens while you are logged on.

Lately there have been more reports of information lost, people leaving terminals while still logged on, only to find that someone else has logged them off, used the terminal and left. Or worse yet, an unattended computer has been used under the logged-on person's NetID, leaving them to face the consequences of any errors, viruses, or problems that arise. If you don't want to lose whatever final paper you may be working on, PLEASE do not tamper with other people's information.

Thank you and good luck with finals!

Location: The Sun Lab