Highlights From The Morning Paper

Day Five


Phillip Dexter, age 51. He died like he lived, an eccentric in an empty house, but he will be missed dearly. He was a collector of antiques, a connoisseur of knowledge, and an exemplary uncle; his legacy will live on through his many donations to museums, galleries, and exhibits. He was found dead in his home; investigation is ongoing. Wake to be held on May 20th at Manning Chapel, funeral to follow.

Headline: Problems at Arkham when Psychopath Escapes
By Joseph Parren

Arkham Asylum has long boasted of a perfect record in holding the criminally insane. The famed incarceration of the villain Edward Nigma from Gotham City did wonders for this prestigious institution of mental health and rehabilitation, but that might all be over now. Longtime murder suspect Tobit Bowen, accused of the murder of Dr. James Dexter of Providence, RI, has escaped from his cell and is on the loose. Bowen was judged not guilty for the murder of the lifetime Benefit Street resident on the grounds of insanity. When apprehended by the authorities he was uttering the most bizarre gibberish and was attempting to braid every follicle of his own body hair. Eminent psychologist Thomas Weinstein diagnosed him with several forms of schizophrenia, obsessive compulsiveness, and paranoia, and he had been serving what promised to be a lifetime of rehabilitation in Arkham... until yesterday.

Late last evening, an attendant failed to check in and was found unconscious on the floor of Tobit Bowen's cell, strange markings clawed into his flesh, the door wide open, the patient gone. Upon investigation it was found that not only did the attendant have blood caked under his fingernails, suggesting self-mutilation, he had no memory of the night, of himself, or of his past. He has since voluntarily committed himself following strange compulsive behaviors exhibited during the last two mornings in the hospital.

Authorities have announced a manhunt for the escaped Bowen, and report that he is potentially extremely dangerous for himself and others. If seen, please contact the police. Bowen is approximately five feet four inches tall...