Highlights From The Morning Paper

Day Four

BDH Article: Carrie Tower - A Strange History
By Jerome Getton

That monument that we all love, the big old clock tower on Prospect and Waterman, it hasn't always run so smoothly. For all that "Love is Strong as Death" (or so the foundation inscription tells us), love couldn't keep the clock running in 1950, when it stopped under mysterious circumstances. They sent workers up to fix the thing, but one of them never made it down -- he heard the sound of wings, he said, and fell nine stories onto the grassy lawn. He never did recover, but the weirdest part was the burn marks they found on his face.

They eventually fixed the clock, right enough, but people still hear the bells ringing at strange hours. Goes to show: maybe "Love is Strong as Death", but neither one's as strong as entropy.

Location: Carrie Tower


Thomas Weinstein, age 38. A capable and well-respected psychologist, he was found dead in his offices; investigation is ongoing. He contributed years of dedicated work to the Brown University Office Of Psychological Services, simultaneously publishing a number of important papers in the field. A funeral will be held on Saturday, May 18th.

Location: Brown University Psychological Services