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Day Three


Samantha Jonnet, age 49. A well-loved curator of the Annmary Brown collection, her years of devotion and care will always be remembered. A Brown graduate, she worked in the Annmary Brown Memorial for eleven years, preceding which she restored old books in the City Archives. She was killed by an accident near the entrance to the Memorial's tomb; there will be an open house at the Memorial in her memory on May 16th.

BDH Editorial: Brown Hauntings
By Marissa Burlington

Often it seems like famed horror author Howard Phillips Lovecraft was on to something when he set his macabre tales in our beloved city of Providence. Its gables and gas lamps, spires and streets remind us at every turn of New England's creepy past. What if it's all true? Well, here are some of the spookier stories I've run across.

- The statue of Marcus Aurelius on Lincoln Green has all kinds of stories associated with it. Some students hear hoofsteps while studying nearby; others claim that Marcus' eyes move, or just that they get a creepy feeling from the bronze cast.

Location: Maxcy Hall

- The basement of List Art Building is often rumored to be haunted by some poltergeist or other! The stairway down there doesn't make it any more inviting, let me tell you. There are plenty of tales about art supplies moving around on their own and prank telephone calls originating from the List phone system.

Location: List Art Center

- There are all these stories about a "presence" in the Annmary Brown Memorial. I've even heard the eyes in Seymour J. Guy's painting, "Annmary Brown Hawkins," move to follow people as they walk around! And what's with the visible tomb? Does the old couple buried here go about for a stroll some nights?

Location: Annmary Brown Memorial

Well, that's it: just a few of the more supernatural places here at Brown. Enjoy your ghost hunting, and remember: don't look behind you.