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Day Two

To: campus.safety.all.students@canis.services.brown.edu
Subject: CRIME ALERT - Assault




Incident Occurred May 8th, 2002
On Wednesday morning, May 8th at approximately 9:07am a Brown University student witnessed an assault while walking on Prospect Street near the intersection of College Street.

The complainant was unable to describe the suspect or suspects; other witnesses were equally vague, although several indicated that the suspect was a black male between the ages of 17 and 35. The complainant described an acrid smell and a sense of dizziness, and chemical traces found on location indicate that chemical weaponry may have been involved in the assault.

Action Taken by Police and Security
Both Brown University and Providence Police searched the area, however the suspect or suspects were not located. The student was offered and declined Support Services and Brown EMS. The Student Life "Dean On Call" was notified of the incident.

Recommended Community Response
Use caution when walking on campus. Walking in PAIRS IS SAFER than walking alone. Walking in GROUPS IS SAFER than walking in pairs. If you see another student, staff or faculty member walking alone, ask them to join up with you. If you see a group of students, faculty or staff walking together, join up with them.

THINK TWICE! SHORT CUTS ARE NOT ALWAYS THE SAFEST ROUTES. Walk in well lit areas and be aware of your surroundings. Note the locations of the BLUE Light Emergency Telephones. Press the RED "Emergency" button if you are in trouble. Even if you cannot speak, an officer will respond to the area.

Anyone having information regarding this incident should contact Brown Police Detectives at 863-3412 or 863-9956.

Contact: The Police Officer

Report any suspicious activity to Brown University Police and Security at 863-4111. All information is kept confidential.


Roderick Williams, age 64. A longtime employee of the Brown University library system, Williams has served in the John Hay Library Special Collections department, the Rockefeller Library East Asian Collection department, and was most recently a senior member of the Preservation Department. He was found dead at his desk, a devoted servant of knowledge and learning. A closed-casket wake will be held on May 17th, funeral to follow May 18th at Manning Chapel.

Headline: Brown University Libraries In Decline
By Jacob Stalt

Brown University's once-illustrious libraries aren't what they used to be, according to nearly a hundred students who have filed a complaint in the past month. Books are being misfiled if not lost altogether, the electronic catalogue is slow to respond and rarely reflects the library system's actual holdings, and it often takes days for a rare book to be retrieved from the special collections.

"This is intolerable," asserted one irate professor. "It's nearly impossible to do my work with the libraries in such disrepair."