The Curse Of Knowledge

You close your eyes and concentrate on the meaning of impregnation, of knowledge acquisition, of gaining. Slowly thought-pictures, memory-words, and mind-smells begin to throb in your head. As you focus on them you burrow deep beneath the ground, past a cruciform ankh, sphere on capital Tau (symbol of Egypt), you fly through doors barring students from ancient spanning tunnels, you travel beneath Pembroke, feel the old foundations of student life, hear whispers:

“ec haifla ouhan. Ae covnet ie ec haifla ouhan soo weihaf ca moulobnut aec de ulne tem ouvrein gobav ie hessna ah cirrof allet ec haifla aldac oyona mebe...” Blackness wells forth octopus-ink cloud over the Pembroke Seal’s coat of arms, smoke-gauze floats down from the clouds and burgeons from the tunnels, more whispers:

“Ae ae covn, comet ie ec haiflaec ouhan soo weihaf -- sool weihaf... sool wehf -- ae comet ye haiflec ouhan sool wehf ca... ka... qua. Mouwob nu ii deruh... ii deruh ulnetem... ruh ulne tom ouvrey...” You feel sand burning dream-eyes, grit scraping, then a searing pain, burn of ancient days, something smolders down from the stars, whispering grows louder:

“Gobav ye shessna ah cirrow alleth haiflec aldokh oyona m’be ah ouhan souw. Hhhhhh...” A throaty scream bursts between your ears, surely yours for the tension it blasts through your muscles, now shouting:

“Ae comet ye haiflec ouhan sool wehf qua mouwob nu i deruh ulne tom ouvrey gobav, ye shessna ah cirrow alleth haiflec aldokh oyona m’be ah ouhan souw.” An engulfing eye bursts open the seal, and suddenly abortion; data purging; and loss.