King House

A Conversation With A Member Of The Fraternity Of Delta Psi

"Hi! What's up?"
"Well, I was just looking around this house. It's a really nice place."
"Thanks. We like it, anyway."
"Can you tell me a little more about the building? Or about the fraternity?"
"Um, sure. We were re-founded in... what, 1983? We didn't want to be tied to the Greek Council 'cause some of their activities rubbed us the wrong way, but we managed to get ahold of this house."
"But there's card access only -- is it a University-owned building?"
"Sadly enough. You'll notice the fire-proofed stairwells. You know, if you want to learn more about us, we do have a web site... I'm sure you can track it down."
"What is it,"
"Well, we go by St. Anthony Hall rather than King House or Delta Psi. It's just one of those things."
"Okay, fair enough. Anything else, while I'm here?"
"Hmm... I don't think so... oh, wait. I think there's a copy of Baird's "American College Fraternities" in the top shelf of one of the book shelves over there in the lounge. Maybe you'd find some more information inside?"
"Hey, thanks."
"No problem."

St. Anthony Hall Journal Entry
(In Baird's "American College Fraternities")

April 15, 1984

Although the re-founding of our chapter has been successful, and all is well with the brotherhood, our state is less ideal than I had hoped; we have as yet been unable to recover many of the old traditions and secrets locked away by the original Psi Delta brotherhood during its first incarnation here. I cannot help but feel sorrow that so much has been lost. Still, there are avenues to investigate... for one, there has been some record in what writings we do possess of a collection of "communal writings," stored (of all places) in the old dumbwaiter system of the house. Perhaps these texts survive, but as the dumbwaiters have been boarded up and King House is now owned by the University, it will be difficult to investigate thoroughly without attracting its attention. For all that, I believe I will try; if I begin on the third floor dumbwaiter, it should attract less notice.

As to other business of the House, things proceed apace. Relations with the University seem exceptionally civil, and it seems that with a little luck we should be able to have a full bar installed downstairs...