Officer's Notes
Brown University Office Of Psychological Services
4:31 PM, Friday May 10, 2002

Victim is lying on his desk. Doctor Thomas A. Weinstein, 37 years of age. Mouth is sealed with duct or electrical tape; hands are held together with barbed wire. Eyes impaled with fountain pens; an eye is crudely drawn on his desk, the black and white inverted.

Receptionist says his 3:00 appointment came in and left shortly before 4:00 PM; he had previously canceled his 4:00, so she left him to work. Only noticed something was wrong when she went to deliver a phone message.

She describes the suspect as a tall man in a black coat, with dark eyeglasses. Caucasian, 25-30, buzz-cut black hair.

Religious iconography is too blatant to ignore.