Nuclear Dawn


The sun rose red today, cutting open a shimmering curtain of fog and radiation. Last night all was panic, and perhaps I am the only one who dared to sleep: most imagined, I believe, that waking would not come. The newscasts and the sirens hardly helped.

If I believe what they say, then I have hours to live, perhaps a day or two. Although I find the prospect of mindless fornication somewhat intriguing, I have decided instead to spend my remaining time attempting to complete a long-standing project of mine, for I have reason to believe that what remains of the Internet will survive its creators by a fairly substantial margin.

To coding, then, once I am finished for the time being with these scraps of paper. Should my data prove irrecoverable - as, indeed, is not entirely unlikely, given the ambient radiation hereabouts - some printed record, at least, will remain.

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