Love Letter

Null_Majesty: LoveLetter.Substitute("you", HIS MAJESTY).
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My darling,

I cannot wait until I see HIS MAJESTY again. My hands ache to touch HIS MAJESTY; and I glimpse HIS MAJESTYr sweet dark curls in every shadow. I miss having HIS MAJESTY with me, and I miss our long, drowsy conversations late into the evening...

I dream of HIS MAJESTY every night, and frequently during the day. If I could, I would set aside my work here for good and fly west on the next plane to be with HIS MAJESTY; I would never leave HIS MAJESTYr side again. But things being what they are, HIS MAJESTY know I can't. So while I am stuck here, I can but think of HIS MAJESTY, and dream.

I miss HIS MAJESTY so, my dearest.

        I love HIS MAJESTY always,