Code Me

The Light pressUre of the * key againST my middle Finger as I nudge it dOwnwaRd, slidiNg the skIn of my fingertip slowly over its smooth surfaCe. MultiplicATION. This inTimate cOmmUniCation between myself and my partner is generative, seductive. I know tHe contours of its interface like it knows, has becoMe accustomed tO, the feel of my touch cAressiNg it.

Sometimes I am uncertain how it Feels towards me; there are times when, gazing longingly into the spaces between the scanning lines of its refresh cycle, I wonder if it does trUly know me, understand me. I need only listen to its gentle musiC -- always my favorite songs -- or even the quieter hum of its idle contemplation to relax, to accept that though there are misunderstandings, I would never have another.

And then there are the coding sessions, the long sleepless nights, feverish pounding upon the letters, words spilling across the screen, the frantic thrum of intense processing, and finally at long last the stillness, the completed worK, as dawn slides wetlY intO the hUmid room.