Notes On Planetary Consciousness

"It is clear from our analysis that the observed geological phenomena (Figure 17) indicate a trend far exceeding the already-noted flood of radiation (Bezkirk et al) and its impact on human neurological function (Yezir, Waite, et al). These data align with other patterns: the recent surge in solar activity (Fabrith et al), certain tidal irregularities (Tredor, Portson, Lambert et al), and even an observed shift in some physical 'constants' such as the speed of light (Jackson et al).

"Considering these correlations, it is difficult to draw a single scientific conclusion - these findings challenge science itself, as we understand it, particularly in the light of other 'unscientific' evidence such as the similarities suddenly emerging among the dreams of people across the globe (Figure 18). According to one study (Immer et al), widespread millenial paranoia may have triggered a leap in human cognition on the scale of that which accompanied the dawn of consciousness.

"If these are not isolated phenomena - if human thought and the universe as we perceive it are evolving simultaneously - then it begs the question of which has triggered which, a quandary thankfully beyond the scope of this dissertation. Nonetheless, one thing is clear: we are changing and our world is changing, and there is no way to be certain of what is to come."