The South Wing

They entered a long hallway, the soothing darkness of its ceiling pricked with glittering lights, as though errant stars had found their homes there and arranged themselves in unfamiliar constellations. Miss Sunnington gazed upon their strange configurations for some time before finding herself drawn to an abstract fresco in countless shades of off-white, displayed opposite a railinged view into the atrium below.

Madame Vereaux, meanwhile, thought a Sleeping Beauty figure that was ensconced in a bower of deadly roses was quite lovely, and grew rather misty-eyed with nostalgia; while off to one side, Miss Sunnington settled at last beside a little girl in a blue and white dress. The two of them twined flowers together into garlands, though the child did not appear to have taken notice of the newcomer.

A guard stood at the far end of the room, near doors through which the West Wing could be glimpsed, while a nicely-appointed hallway offered a return to the lobby for those who had seen their fill.