Glittering Lights "How lovely," breathed Miss Sunnington, craning her neck to take in as many of the sparkling lights as she could.

"Imagine," said Mr. Gilby, "these have long been considered divine beings - whether benevolent or baleful, though, depends upon the culture."

"Hardly surprising," she replied quietly. "What is one to think of such a spectacle? I think it must lend hope to see such lights glimmering even in the farthest darkness; as though the observer is never truly alone..."

A distant tone entered his voice as he responded, "Not to be excessively solipsistic; but we are all, in a sense, alone."

"Are you so certain? A story I read not long ago certainly convinced me to the contrary; though admittedly I was likely predisposed to its message."

"Tell it," he said, "and I shall judge."


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