A Sleeping Beauty Figure

Madame Vereaux, seeing the sleeping figure, put a hand to her mouth and drew closer to the bower of roses.

Mr. Flowers followed her, asking solicitously, "Is something wrong, Genevieve?"

The woman shook her head, but her fingers were trembling weakly as they drew her violet and emerald shawl closer about her shoulders. "It's nothing, I'm sure; only, this woman bears a most striking resemblance to... well, you'll think me ridiculous, I'm sure."

"Good heavens," pressed in Sir Thomas, "Let's have out with it! Whom does she remind you of?"

"Someone I knew. From a story. It was a long time ago, when I was just a girl, but it was always my favorite. The tale went something like this... though," she added with a more characteristic wink, "I warn you that I may add an embellishment or two, or leave out certain details. It's been ages since I've heard it told."


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