Threshold Victoria

About The Campaign

What Is This Game About?
Threshold Victoria: Invasion is a live-action RPG based on the ongoing Threshold tabletop campaign. It takes place in the fictional city of Victoria, isolated from the rest of the world by thick banks of fog for as long as its historians have been writing (see About Victoria for more details). For the Player Characters of Invasion, it is a game about an exaggeratedly Victorian society in a not-quite-magical world; about politics and intrigue, as they play out everywhere from the nastiest back alleys to the Queen's Ballroom; about the obscure forces that act within the city of Victoria, typically through the PCs; and, most importantly, about Love and Hatred, Heroism and Villainy, Fear and Hope - the usual themes.

When And Where Will Invasion Run?
Now that an introductory two-shot has been completed, Invasion's flexible, player-oriented storyline is beginning in earnest, consisting of approximately six to eight sessions in total, throughout school year 2003-2004. For more information about specific sessions, including scheduling (such as it may be known), please refer to the Sessions page.

What Are The Mood And Feel Of Invasion?
The mood of Invasion is not entirely fixed. There are certain to be elements of dry Victorian humor and outright silliness, but a character based solely on these would be unlikely to fit well into the campaign's storyline. The game will have more than its share of upper-class social occasions, but so too will the violence and desperation of Victoria's outcasts and streetwalkers play into the campaign's eventual resolution. Victoria can accomodate adventurers and professors, monarchs and orphans, industrialists and revolutionaries - anything, in short, so long as it is Victorian.

How Is Invasion Like Other Larps I May Have Played? How Is It Different?
Invasion will suffer from at least some of its medium's inherent flaws: it may be difficult to get ahold of a GM when one is called for, there is a high ratio of preparation and explanation to actual gameplay, scheduling is dependent upon the University's whim, continuity is difficult because it may be a month or longer between sessions, session summaries are all-but-necessary for consistent plot, etc. We have tried to minimize these factors where possible, but they remain prominent. It is our hope that the preliminary two-shot has given many players an opportunity to decide whether this is in fact a game that they wish to play; and hopefully to give them enough familiarity with the world and the game's narrative context to create a character that they will enjoy playing. We have tried to create a system that is fairly straightforward and easy to pick up, as a PC or an NPC, and one in which influence is sufficiently flexible that it is not an all-or-nothing gambit, but rather an integrated part of nearly any character concept. We have also tried to make some of the system's more complex elements take place exclusively between sessions, thus streamlining play during actual gametime. Finally, we are aiming for a truly 'cinematic' feel, such that players need concern themselves less with nitty-gritty details (though these, admittedly, can be a great deal of fun) and focus more on the story that they are creating.

What Should My Expectations Be Going Into Invasion?
Expect lots of political maneuvering, many strange and outlandish characters (not all of whom may be properly human), and, as the invasion gets underway, a good amount of conflict. At the same time, PC death will be fairly minimal because the system supports it only in special cases, and combat is a fairly quick and easy challenge. If you play a character focused almost entirely on fighting, you will likely become bored and frustrated very rapidly, as this is not a game about fighting but rather about maneuvering; at the same time, it is very difficult to create a character who is not excellent at some form of combat, should it come up. There will be Plot (GM-initiated game events), but it will primarily be aimed at keeping things interesting and preventing narrative stagnation rather than forging any particular kind of story. Attempts will be made to ensure that everyone will have something to do, but there will almost certainly be times when this simply will not be possible. As such, it is recommended that you create a character who can entertain him/herself in a pinch or (better yet) who has the potential to create plot both for yourself and for those you interact with. We hope to run an entertaining game, but we acknowledge that we are incapable of singlehandedly entertaining dozens of people for an entire evening; this is why you are players instead of an audience.

Whom Should I Contact?
Email the GMs at with any questions, requests for information, feedback, rants, and other communications that you may have.