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The Museum

Explore a virtual museum, my Hypertext Fiction capstone project at Brown University. Follow four characters' perambulations through exhibits curious and unsettling.


A touchy interactive hyper-poem exploring the paths between permanence and change.

Children's Aid Fund

Web site created for the Children's Aid Fund nonprofit.


A lone programmer tries to understand what he's written, and why it changed everything.

The Shadow City

An alternate reality game (ARG) whose players experienced a Lovecraftian darkness unfolding the heart of Providence, Rhode Island. Daily story segments hinted at the locations of hidden URLs, revealing further secrets.

Threshold Victoria: Invasion

A live-action roleplaying game (LARP) run under the auspices of the Brown University Fantasy Gaming Society, chronicling the infiltration of a city in the mists by numerous outsiders and the resulting effects upon its Victorian society.


Stories about those who remain on a wasted Earth after a Christian apocalypse. A collaborative, multi-linear writing project mediated via LiveJournal.

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